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A black framed pergola providing coverage for a small light filled yard area.

10 Small Outdoor Space Ideas

Homeowners often underestimate the potential of small outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a modest backyard or a petite patio, these areas are brimming with untapped potential just waiting to be discovered.

This article explores ten unique and inspiring ways to infuse life, personality, and comfort into these compact spaces. From creating your private spa retreat to hosting vibrant gatherings at your outdoor bar, these ideas are designed to inspire homeowners like you to reimagine and revitalise your outdoor living spaces.

Let’s journey through a collection of small outdoor space ideas that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

1. Cosy Outdoor Living Room

Imagine the ambience of a cosy outdoor living room, designed specially for your small backyard or patio space. By choosing weather-resistant, comfortable lounge chairs and outdoor sofas, adorned with soft cushions and vibrant throw pillows, you can create an inviting atmosphere that beckons relaxation. Picture a charming outdoor rug underfoot and a rustic coffee table positioned conveniently at the centre, where friends can gather round for a chat and drinks. Infuse the space with personality through decorative string lights that cast a warm glow as dusk falls. This is one of the many brilliant small outdoor living space ideas that transforms a modest area into a welcoming haven.

If you’re looking to renovate your backyard to create a cosy area all of your own, we recommend selecting one of our Louvre roofs to make your dream a reality. This fantastic style of roof means you can lounge in warm golden sunlight and relax while you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Insulated flat roof patio creating a cosy outdoor living rom in a small outdoor space.

2. Dining Al Fresco

Elevate the allure of your small outdoor spaces by introducing the enchanting concept of dining al fresco. Select a compact, yet stylish dining table and chairs, designed specifically for outdoor use, to create an intimate dining room under the stars. Consider enhancing your patio space with a pergola that provides retractable shade for those sunny days, making it an idyllic covered outdoor living space. Accentuate the surroundings with verdant potted plants and hanging baskets to encapsulate the charm of nature. The beauty of brick pavers underfoot and twinkling lights above blend together to form a mesmerising dining experience right at your home.

An important consideration for your dining al fresco is how much you will be using the space at certain times of the year, and what the weather in your region is typically like. This will impact considerations such as whether you require a lower roof to keep the space warm and insulated, or a higher roof to allow plenty of airflow and permit the installation of outdoor ceiling fans.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our friendly team, and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the direction of which Discounted Patios products are right for both you and your yard.

Insulated flat roof patio creating an inviting alfresco dining area in a small outdoors space.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s delve into the exciting realm of outdoor kitchens – an exceptional covered outdoor living space idea that brings gastronomic adventures to your backyard. Imagine a built-in barbecue grill sizzling away, nestled among sleek countertops and handy storage cabinets. Add a sink for convenience and think about introducing a sociable bar counter with high stools. Here, friends and family can engage in light banter as the grilling ensues. It’s a small outdoor space idea tailored for those who enjoy the camaraderie of cookouts and the vibrancy of outdoor parties. A stone patio forms the perfect base for such a setup, enhancing the charm of your outdoor kitchen, and leaving your guests longing for the next barbecue night.

A flat roof patio over a modern alfresco kitchen, dining and living area

4. Tranquil Reading Nook

Transform your outdoor room into a tranquil reading nook. The magic begins with a plush lounge chair or a lazy hammock, positioned perfectly under the shelter of your covered patio. Engage the senses by surrounding your small space with lush greenery and aromatic flowers, potted to perfection. Place a rustic side table or a petite bookshelf nearby, brimming with your favourite literary treasures. This serene nook becomes your very own sanctuary, inviting you to escape into the pages of a gripping novel whilst basking in the gentle sounds and scents of nature.

Combination patio roof for an outdoor living space

5. Playful Kids' Corner

Make room for joy and laughter by designing a playful kids’ corner in your covered outdoor space. The backyard patio transforms into a safe haven with the installation of swings, mini slides, or even a trampoline. Consider adding a dedicated arts and crafts table, which can ignite their imagination. With a soft ground covering underfoot and an ample shade above, this outdoor room is not just fun, but also a safe spot for your children. This small outdoor space idea allows you to relax while the little ones explore and create to their hearts’ content.

Whilst having an outdoor area for your child to play in at any time of the day is fantastic, an important aspect of your kid’s corner to consider is how to protect your child from our sometimes harsh Australian climate. To ensure your child’s sun-safety when playing outside, we recommend installing outdoor blinds and screens to lessen or avoid the intensity of the sun’s rays. We also recommend that your child or children only play underneath a suitably sheltered area.

6. Garden Oasis

Envision your covered outdoor living space blooming into a vibrant garden oasis. With the creative use of hanging planters, vertical gardens and robust planter boxes, you can bring a burst of greenery into your outdoor room. Intersperse your green canvas with fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs, enhancing the sensory experience. A soothing water feature or a petite pond further enriches this lush environment, making your backyard patio an oasis of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pergola surrounded by plants covering a outdoor living space

7. Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Create a sanctuary for inner peace with a yoga and meditation retreat right in your covered outdoor area. Lay down soft, comfortable yoga mats or opt for natural flooring to feel more connected with the earth. Enhance your small outdoor space with bamboo screens or billowing curtains, providing privacy and a calming atmosphere. Integrate natural elements like smooth stones, rustling plants, and tinkling wind chimes to promote relaxation and mindfulness. This small outdoor space idea becomes an embodiment of serenity and self-reflection, a spot where you can unwind and find your balance amid life’s rapid pace.

We have a variety of styles available for those looking to install a new, zen-focused structure in their homes. We recommend getting in touch with our team today, so we can help guide you toward the exact style that will be the perfect fit for your home.

Outdoor blinds make this living space outside feel private

8. Outdoor Bar

Transform your covered outdoor area into an inviting bar, where you can savour refreshing beverages with friends and family. This small outdoor space idea makes the most of your floor space by featuring a sleek bar counter complete with high stools. Equip the area with a mini-fridge and clever storage for your glassware and favoured drinks. Enhance the atmosphere with decorative string lights that twinkle into the evening, creating a cosy ambience. Add a sound system to your backyard patio bar to provide lively tunes, ensuring every gathering at your home feels like a mini celebration.

A group of friends enjoying outdoor living

9. Hobby or Workspace

Why not turn a part of your covered outdoor area into a dedicated hobby or workspace? Whether you’re an artist, an avid gardener, or a craft enthusiast, this small space idea facilitates your passion. It begins with a robust workbench, surrounded by practical storage shelves to keep your supplies organised. Adequate lighting is essential, making sure your creative endeavours are never hindered. You’ll love the added bonus of natural light and fresh air enhancing your work environment. Incorporating potted plants and a bistro table, blending functionality with comfort, makes this space perfect for any hobbyist.

Making sure you have a sheltered area to work on your hobbies outside is essential for any hobbyist. Sometimes, though, installing a full verandah or garage for just one hobby can seem a bit too pricey. That’s where Dicounted Patios’ carport build propositions come into play. We offer you a sheltered area for your pastime at only a fraction of the price that most other kinds of verandahs demand.

Freestanding carport with privacy screening

10. Spa Retreat

Take your small outdoor space ideas to the next level by creating your private spa retreat. Think about installing a luxurious hot tub or a serene stock tank pool on your covered backyard patio. Complement this oasis with plush loungers dressed in weather-resistant outdoor fabric, perfect for lounging pre- or post-spa sessions. The soft glow of candlelight, paired with the gentle scent of aromatic candles, completes this relaxing haven.

For a more intimate experience, consider adding privacy screens or outdoor blinds, such as those we stock right here at Discounted Patios. With this setup, you’ll have a rejuvenating spa experience waiting just outside your back door.

Start transforming your outdoor space today

The beauty of these small outdoor space ideas lies in their versatility and adaptability. They demonstrate that even the most compact spaces can transform into warm, inviting, and functional living areas.

Remember, the size of your outdoor space doesn’t limit its potential. Instead, it’s about making smart, creative decisions to utilise what you have effectively.

Whether it’s the tranquillity of a reading nook, the vibrancy of an outdoor kitchen, or the serenity of a meditation retreat, every idea mentioned here has the potential to enrich your lifestyle.

We at Discounted Patios are here to guide you through this transformation, ensuring that your home isn’t just a place to live, but a sanctuary that encapsulates your personality, style, and needs.

Take a step forward in redefining your outdoor living today and let us help you uncover the magic that awaits in your own backyard.

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