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At Discounted Patios, we are proud to be the trusted experts in providing high quality outdoor living to suit any home aesthetic and style. Whether it’s a brand new carport, patio or verandah, or a new screen or blinds, you know you’ll get an exceptional quality product. Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate for years to come and will instantly add value to your home. 

We’re here to talk you through the most popular design ideas and styles, so you can make an informed decision on the best fit for your elevated outdoor lifestyle.

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A verandah is an important addition to your home and choosing reliable verandah builders in Melbourne can therefore be challenging. However at Discounted Patios, we ensure your verandah design ideas can be brought to life. 

We can also guarantee our professional patio builders can accommodate all your family’s unique requirements. 

What is the difference between a verandah, patio and a pergola?

Although it’s easy to use verandah and pergola interchangeably, it is important to know the difference if you’re considering renovating your backyard space.

Louvre pergola on a modern single-storey home.

What is a pergola?

The word pergola originates from Italy, and is a traditionally wooden structure which supports the growth of climbing plants that can shade either a path or patio. A pergola installation will provide an outdoor living area that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

It’s a super adaptable structure, you have the opportunity to attach the outdoor pergola to an existing building or keep it unattached within an open space. The pergola design, like the size and shape can also be tailored to accommodate your home and particular purposes.

It is generally manufactured using dependable materials that provide you with a durable product so you can enjoy essential shade and privacy. If you’re wanting a touch of luxury, you can custom design by installing electric heaters, LED lighting, as well as glass walls and doors.

What is a verandah?

Verandah is a term that means to transition from indoor to outdoor. It is a very popular choice amongst Australians, as it can be installed on the ground or a raised deck. A verandah can also be constructed to incorporate a roof and is connected to your house either at the rear, front or side.

Although verandah designs are traditionally thought of as narrower and smaller than an outdoor patio or backyard pergola, they now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can be tailored to your home. 

This additional living space means that elements such as a covered outdoor kitchen, barbecue and furnishings can now be stored for easy entertainment, adding value to your home during the summer and winter seasons. 

Insulated flat roof covering an outdoor living area
Covered patio with side screening

What is a patio?

Finally, the most straightforward structure of the three, the patio. A simple paved area that can be used for outdoor dining and general entertaining. 

What separates a patio from a verandah is a patio that does not have to be attached to your home. Rather it can be occupied at any point of your building. They are super simple to upkeep and can be built from concrete, stone or timber. It is also the most economical alternative for outdoor family enjoyment.

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