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Gable end patio roof over a cosy outdoor living and cooking area.

How to find the best outdoor living solutions for your home and lifestyle

We’ve created a handy quick-tips guide to help you to determine the best outdoor living structure or extension for your home.

Types of outdoor living structures & their benefits

The biggest differences across the different options for outdoor living structure lie in their roof types and support types. Here’s a break down of the main options and their benefits:

Flat Roof

Flat roof verandah covering a BBQ area

A modern, simple design that is visually appealing, flat roof verandahs, patios and pergolas are erected via steel beams and provide protection against the harsh Australian sun.

Great for:
  • Those who want a simple option which is visually appealing and suits almost any home design.
  • A great option for almost any verandah, patio or pergola.

Gable Roof

gable roof coving an outdoor living space

This is a pitched roof design, held up by steel beam structures, that gives a classic Australian style with a modern twist. This gable roof shape creates an open feel.

Great for:
  • Those who want a classic Australian look with a modern twist.
  • Outdoor dining and entertaining spaces – due to the open feeling from the pitched roof design.

Insulated Roof

Insulated roof patio covering a outdoor living space

A weather-proof cover providing excellent insulation and a low-maintenance ceiling. The insulated roof option provides an uninterrupted ceiling finish without the usual support beams which are visible in other options. Easily incorporated into any verandah or patio, these also allow for downlights and ceiling fans to be added.

Great for:
  • All-year dining and entertainment areas – with great weather protection.
  • Those who want to be able to install downlights or ceiling fans.
  • Those who don’t want support beams – for a very open feel with a great aesthetic.
  • Those who want a ‘home extension’ effect in an easier, more cost-effective way.

Louvre Roofing

Louvre patio covering a pool

Electronic louvres you can open and close to whatever position you want, complete with rain sensors which automatically close upon rain detection. These can be added to flat or gable roof structure designs.

Great for:
  • Flexibility – enjoy the sun when it’s shining and close it when you need to.
  • Outdoor entertaining that’s optimised for any type of weather.
  • Those that want something a little different – and a wow-factor to impress guests.

Additional Pergola Roofing Options

Pergola surrounded by plants covering a outdoor living space

Pergolas can feature roofs and can be attached to the home, but also present an option for a freestanding structure or a no-roof option. Pergolas are often built with no roof, in order to support and feature climbing plants – using the foliage from these as shade cover instead.

Great for:
  • A variety of open-feel no roof design options –  using foliage as shade, shadecloth and more.
  • Supporting your climbing plants while creating a ‘nature-focused’ design.
  • A freestanding structure, anywhere in your backyard.
  • Great as garden features and relaxation areas.

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